The primary language of Secret Garden web site is in Traditional Chinese (ie. Big 5 character code)

You are advised to view this web site with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) version 4 or above. Traditional Chinese (Big5) language is fully supported by IE.

If you are not able to view Chinese in Secret Garden website, please follow the guideline shown below:

1. Click View
2. Select Encoding
3. Click "Chinese Traditional (Big5)"
(Click More to find if you are not able to find Chinese Traditional)

If you have never view any Chinese website before, IE will prompt you to install the Chinese Language Pack either downloading from the internet or copy from your Windows CD. Please follow the respective instructions if you are asked to do so.

At any time during browsing a web page, if you find the text is not in proper lanugage, you can change to Chinese by: Right click anywhere on the page with your mouse. Click on the "Encoding" and select "Chinese Traditional (Big5)".

Thank you for your patience. If you still have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us by email via:

Technical Support Team,
Secret Garden